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  Self-publishing, should you choose the mode, is a complete project in itself. The high is that the author is in full control of all the aspects of the book; story, content, cover, release date, marketing etc. But self-publishing can become confusing and overwhelming if one doesn’t understand the step by step picture of the…

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Monkeying Around

For those of you who read my previous post, you know that I landed in Thailand harried, sleepless and exhausted. We reached Krabi and checked in to an absolutely gorgeous hotel. Yay. I processed about five seconds of its gorgeousness before both Z and I hit the bed and didn’t wake up until next morning….

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Unblocking Writer’s Block: 4 Tips

  Personally, I’ve never experienced writer’s block – but that’s because I don’t permit myself to acknowledge that it actually exists. There is nobody or nothing “blocking” you like a lock on your keyboard. Sure, there are times in life when you might not feel like writing or when you’ve had to pause writing for…

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Pantless in Business Class

“I want to go home!!!” My toddler wailed as I walked her up and down the aisle of the plane. We’d been planning this family holiday, to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday, for what felt like forever. The entire family coordinated schedules, travel and location wish lists and kid’s school holiday schedules to make this…

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