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Unblocking Writer’s Block: 4 Tips

  Personally, I’ve never experienced writer’s block – but that’s because I don’t permit myself to acknowledge that it actually exists. There is nobody or nothing “blocking” you like a lock on your keyboard. Sure, there are times in life when you might not feel like writing or when you’ve had to pause writing for…

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Pantless in Business Class

“I want to go home!!!” My toddler wailed as I walked her up and down the aisle of the plane. We’d been planning this family holiday, to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday, for what felt like forever. The entire family coordinated schedules, travel and location wish lists and kid’s school holiday schedules to make this…

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Confessions of a newborn mom

  Hello baby girl, You’re the pint sized tornado that hit me six months back and my world hasn’t stopped spinning since. Just between you and me, I have a confession to make. I didn’t prepare for us. I didn’t spend hours reading up on or researching the best way to mother you or raise…

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Conversations with Supermom

  It’s not that she is Supermom. She isn’t. Because, let’s face it, all moms are. It’s not even that she is my best friend/soul mate/first phone call in a crisis/emergency/celebration. Most moms are a combination of these terms. It’s not that I don’t fight with her, call her names (her name-calling skills far exceed…

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Murder she wrote (In a love story)

I’m contemplating murder. More specifically how to plan and execute one successfully……..Complicated process that. Before my family decides to steer clear of me and even shift residence I should probably explain that I’m writing a thriller at the moment. A romantic thriller but a thriller nonetheless. This for those of you who have read my…

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Who let the dogs out??

“Jack is a flirt.” “I beg your pardon.” I blinked up at the neighbor who was glaring at me. Confused, I waited for her to continue since all I was doing was going for an evening walk around the colony. With Jack, of course. “He has absolutely no control over himself and needs to be…

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Evil grin alert!

Had a bad day recently? I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had several. I’ve been dealing with them pretty much the same way most people do. Focus on the task at hand, get through the next moment, one step at a time, you know what I mean! And then you meet that person…..the…

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