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Back to Home Ground

I have never been as relieved to land back in Hyderabad as I was that day. The minute that Kingfisher Airlines flight touched down, I heaved a sigh of relief. Or as much of one as I could with my congestion filled chest. It was over a week later, when my phone rang. I rarely…

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The Wedding Guest from Hell

If you’ve read my last three posts, you know by now that I was very sick at this point. I reached the cocktail party that night wheezing and coughing, not to mention feeling like a block of ice thanks to my inappropriate clothes. By the next morning, I’d completely taken to my bed. We had…

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A Congested Meet Cute

When G, my friend, informed me he was getting married in Kathmandu, my first reaction was “Followed by a reception in Hyderabad?” I couldn’t see myself jetting off to Kathmandu to attend a wedding where the only person I knew was the groom. A lot of emotional blackmail later that was exactly what I was…

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