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Women and Careers

I went to watch Mission Mangal two days back. This was a huge deal for me because A) I haven’t been to a theatre since the day Z was born and B) please see point A. So, I really didn’t care which movie I was watching or which theatre I was watching it at…I was…

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Date Night

I spent a fairly large chunk of last Sunday trying to buy a new pair of jeans. To my everlasting fury, the only pair that seemed like a comfortable fit was something that was actually tagged ‘mom jeans.’ Just like my low waisted, skinny jeans have morphed into mom jeans, my date nights have morphed…

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The Scary World of Fairy Tales

Being a voracious reader, I’ve worked my way through pretty much every book I could beg, borrow and buy. When Z was born, I started reading to her almost from the start. It didn’t matter if she could understand the words or not, but I like to believe the sound of my voice droning on…

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