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Hating Romance

“I don’t write to inspire. I write to entertain.” I was at the Hyderabad Literary Festival the other day attending the panel on ‘Happily Ever After’ and the question and answer session that followed took a surprisingly acrimonious turn. An audience member queried the panel on whether their stories could really be called original and…

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In Conversation with Veena Nagpal

It’s that time of the year again. Come winter and drum beats for the Jaipur Literary Festival billed as the greatest literary show on earth, start sounding loud and clear. At the curtain raiser for JLF 2019 (January 24-28) Co-director Namita Gokhale announced an entire session on a brand new theme – Cli-Fi. “We have…

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  Self-publishing, should you choose the mode, is a complete project in itself. The high is that the author is in full control of all the aspects of the book; story, content, cover, release date, marketing etc. But self-publishing can become confusing and overwhelming if one doesn’t understand the step by step picture of the…

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