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Writing Tropes

I just finished reading Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game and yes, I know, I’m really late to this party but what a truly lovely book it is! Fun, warm and real. It had some bits that didn’t quite work for me but I’m not here to do a book review. I’m here to talk about…

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Top 5 Favourite Children’s Books

I was sorting through Z’s books today and realized she probably owned over a hundred books. But even in that extensive collection, she has some perennial favourites. This list is a combination of both of our favourite books. Some I love more than she does and by that token, I just had to include them….

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Top 5 Historical Romances

I adore historical romances and I wanted to share my favorite books in that genre with all of you. Peers, ladies and everyone in between. Balls, intrigue, scandals…what’s not to love? In no particular order, here are my top five favourite corset busting, breath heaving, swoon worthy historical romances: Lisa Kleypas has written some exceptional…

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