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The choices we make. The ones we live for. And the ones we live with. February 2019 has been an incredibly hard month for me. My father was unwell and having complicated surgery in Mumbai. A surgery that ended up requiring two follow up surgeries to combat unexpected side effects. Unfortunately, the hospital involved refused…

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The never-ending questions!

“You married a Christian? Have you ever wondered what any children you have would be?” I have to say this one stumped me. Not because I’m naïve enough to think nobody (nobody who matters) would have thought of this but because I genuinely didn’t think anyone would voice it and ask me. Staring at the…

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What do you choose?

You know the first thing I do every morning? I choose my relationships. Whether it’s my husband, my friends, my in laws, my sibling or even for that matter my parents; I choose to have them in my life. With every interaction with the people in my life, whether in person, via phone, social media…

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