Posts from: December 2018

In Conversation with Veena Nagpal

It’s that time of the year again. Come winter and drum beats for the Jaipur Literary Festival billed as the greatest literary show on earth, start sounding loud and clear. At the curtain raiser for JLF 2019 (January 24-28) Co-director Namita Gokhale announced an entire session on a brand new theme – Cli-Fi. “We have…

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Wedding Memories

Anushka – Virat, Ranveer – Deepika, Priyanka – Nick and if rumours are to believed, Ranbir – Alia will follow soon. What do they have in common? Gorgeous, perfectly groomed couples, exotic locales, heartstoppingly beautiful venues…fairy tale weddings. As the pictures and videos flood our timelines, we can’t help but watch engrossed in these flawlessly…

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New Age Literary Festival, Sk-One

I enjoyed participating as a panelist in a new age literary fest organised by Sarath City Capital Mall, sponsored by Sk- One. It was enriching to listen to the other panelists — all authors and accomplished in various fields. The event was moderated by the vivacious and fascinating Namrata Bhagtani-Sadhvani and coordinated by the efficient Anupama Dalmia… Held…

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