Posts from: February 2019


The choices we make. The ones we live for. And the ones we live with. February 2019 has been an incredibly hard month for me. My father was unwell and having complicated surgery in Mumbai. A surgery that ended up requiring two follow up surgeries to combat unexpected side effects. Unfortunately, the hospital involved refused…

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A day in the life of a full-time writer

  Life has some pretty weird habits, and the strangest of them all is that it just goes on. It doesn’t stop; it never stops for anyone. But then again, maybe this is also one of its best habits too; that it goes on. However, as the years go flying by one after another making…

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Hating Romance

“I don’t write to inspire. I write to entertain.” I was at the Hyderabad Literary Festival the other day attending the panel on ‘Happily Ever After’ and the question and answer session that followed took a surprisingly acrimonious turn. An audience member queried the panel on whether their stories could really be called original and…

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