Driven by Desire Exerpt

A loud shriek was all the warning Krish got before something large came tumbling out of the sky and landed quite inconveniently on top of him. Winded, he found himself planted on the patch of lawn that led to his front door with a bag of bones sprawled across him. A bag of bones with acres of long straight hair that hid the rest of the unexpected gift from the heavens from view. Gift? Probably more of a curse given the day he’d been having.

With a muttered curse, he reached out to move her strategically placed knee from his groin and took a closer look. She looked alright. A bit dazed but it didn’t look like she’d done any major damage to herself or to him which meant she hadn’t fallen far and he’d done a fine job of cushioning the impact. Glancing up, he saw his brother’s guilty face hastily disappearing through the open first floor window. Well, that explained the woman tumbling out from the sky. Although he’d prefer it if they didn’t land on him while they were falling for his brother.

“Are you alright?” The brusque query had the girl flushing and scrambling off him. An awkward nod gave him his answer even as he got to his feet and fixed his malevolent glare on the front door and bellowed, “Adi! Get out here right now.”

The words had barely left his mouth when an ominous creak had him looking up again. Staring up into the tree that canopied them, he couldn’t see anything amiss but caution had him grabbing the girl and turning to move away. He was still in mid turn when the branch that had politely creaked its warning earlier came hurtling towards him and smacked him solidly on the head.

Swearing viciously, he lifted a hand in a futile attempt to stanch the blood that fountained from his forehead. Closing his right eye to keep the blood out of it, he shook off the girl’s fluttering helping hands and tried to stay on his feet. Bracing himself against the front door, he fought the waves of blackness threatening to envelope him. Grim determination had him winning the battle until the door opened behind him toppling him once more.

“Oh hell!” Groaning, he closed his eyes on the sight of his brother’s aghast upside down face and gave in to the blessed dark.