Escaping reality for a while…

Coorg, in all its scenic glory, is the perfect getaway. I’m luckier than most in that, it is also where my parents stay. They moved here ten years ago when my father, a commercial pilot, finally decided to take a step back from active flying.

When they first announced that they had bought an estate in Coorg and were going to build and run a homestay there, I, for one, was horrified.
This was not a retirement plan. This was a disaster waiting to happen. In my opinion. Which, to be honest, nobody cared about. I thought my parents were being short sighted and selfish in deciding to go and live somewhere so remote when they should be closer to their children, medical facilities and other things. Namely, civilization. Turns out I was the short sighted and selfish one.

In these ten years, I’ve watched them and their lives bloom and shine in a way that would never have been possible if they’d continued to live in Hyderabad. I think this was partly because they managed to escape us (their kids) and the demands of being our parents. Yeah, yeah…we all think we’re a blessing for our parents but honestly, if they’re involved in the minutiae of our life, they’re feeling more stressed than blessed. And also, partly, because they got to build a whole new life for themselves. Far away from the maddening crowd, the pollution, the traffic, pesky relatives and family politics and the other endless irritants that are part of our everyday lives.

And we, the annoying kids they escaped, have a holiday home aka getaway to run to every time the endless irritants start to get to us. It’s been over a year since I’ve been able to take a vacation from the endless demands of life back home but I am, oh so glad, I did take this break. These few days in Coorg have been nothing short of restorative, calming and miraculous in terms of perspective setting. I definitely needed my perspective set.

And with that sorted, I look forward to 2020. I’m going to find my center, prioritize my wants and needs and chart my path. Wish me luck, guys. I certainly need it!

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