Evil grin alert!

Had a bad day recently? I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had several. I’ve been dealing with them pretty much the same way most people do. Focus on the task at hand, get through the next moment, one step at a time, you know what I mean! And then you meet that person…..the one who comes up to you and says, “Count your blessings. Do you know how many people in this world are worse off than you are? Starving, dying, penniless etc.”
A few patronizing pats on the shoulder followed by, “Come now. Do that and you’ll stop looking stressed out, start smiling and move on.”
Who would have guessed it was that simple? Right. So now that I know, let’s get on with it. Easy peasy.
So I settled in, forehead scrunched, eyes fixed and focused and counted all my blessings. Then I waited.
Maybe I missed a few. More intense concentration this time with even more facial contortions. At this point my husband asked me if I was having some kind of seizure. Clueless person. Dismissing his laughing sarcasm with a sniff, I kept at it.
And waited. Ok, maybe I should smile really widely. That might get the process started. My husband was looking less amused and more concerned now. Tipping my head back, he asks, “Are you feeling nauseous?”
Right. So………………………………………………………
So that’s not working. Hmmm. Do you think that person has any more pearls of wisdom? Anything that doesn’t involve a pat on the shoulder hopefully? No? Well then maybe they could mind their own business from the beginning? Please, God, please could they mind their own business?
Well in that case, you know what I truly wish my actual response to this could be? “My problems. My life.” Accompanied by some teeth gnashing and steam pouring out of my ears like an out of control pressure cooker. “I’ll deal with them the way I see fit. No go away, please. Shooo.”
THEN I’ll stop looking stressed out and smile! Even if it’s an evil grin. A smile’s a smile!

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