Leaning against his car, long legs crossed negligently in front of him, looking like he had all the time in the world, was the one person she’d thought she’d never see again.

She slammed the door shut quickly. ‘Big difference between harmless daydreams and hallucinations, Sia, pull it together. You don’t have time for this.’ Leaning against the door with her eyes closed, she took a couple of deep breaths and opened the door again. He was still there, God help her!

Ryan Mathur, looking for all the world like he belonged right there in her driveway. ‘Hey Sia’ the same self-deprecating smile with his dimple winking at her flashed. For a minute there, the six years that had passed didn’t exist. Six years, four months and twenty two days give or take.

‘What do you want, Ryan?’ That came out more stiffly than intended. So much for pretending to be nonchalant!

‘I just got back into town. I thought I would come by and say hi.’ Straightening, he took a few steps towards her.

‘Okay. You’ve said hi. You can leave now.’ She walked past him to unlock her car. Quick getaways, however, weren’t her forte apparently. Glumly, she stared at the cupboard keys she held in her hand. Yep, it definitely wasn’t going to help her unlock her car and zoom away with style and careless disdain.