Life in the times of Covid – 19

We’re living in unprecedented times. Surely, none of you need me to tell you how bad it is, how bad it could get and what we need to do to help. People are shouting themselves hoarse over it and others still refuse to listen. Social distancing, hygiene, sanitizing surfaces… we’ve all heard the terms. Some without processing them. Some refusing to process them.

As we stay home without any clear end in sight, I’d like to talk about the things people might find easy to forget in this time of panic and stress.

  • Your children are watching you. This has never been truer than it is now. Please stop complaining about how painful it is to have them home from school indefinitely, how they’re disrupting your routine, your life, how you can’t wait for this ‘social distancing nonsense’ to end. They are listening and absorbing the message you send out with every joke cracked, every raised voice, every irritated reprimand. You love them? Show them.

  • I have seen endless memes online about how nature is resetting the button. It’s true and so are we. We have all, collectively and individually, groaned about not having enough quality time. At home, with your families, with ourselves. We have that time now. Are you going to spend it complaining?

  • In a selfish, self-absorbed society (as evidenced by the people who currently own 300 rolls of toilet paper and 100 bottles of hand sanitizer), it’s important to remember that you and you alone are not society. You need to survive this but so do others. If you hoard all the hand sanitizer and soap, it doesn’t really help. For you not to get the coronavirus, you need other people to be clean too!

  • Remember your employees. Remember people less fortunate than yourself. When this crisis is over, you and the people around you will remember how you behaved, how you acted. Help, support, inform and educate those who need it. Financially, emotionally and physically, be there for someone. Be kind.

  • Remember your employers. Work from home is not a holiday. Not if you want to have a job to return to. If you fail, so does your team, so does your company. Remember the people who stood by you. The ones who gave you the means to support yourself, support your family, support your life. Remember they gave you that chance in good times. Don’t forget it in the tough times. Be loyal. Be honest.

  • Our medical professionals, our healthcare workers, our essential taskforce at the frontlines of this war (and it is war) are heroes of unimaginable strength and fortitude. Applauding them, writing poems in their honour online and offline and genuinely appreciating them are wonderful gestures. But they need more than that from us. They need action. They need you to listen. They need you to understand. They need you to educate those who don’t understand. They need you to ‘flatten the curve.’ Help them. Stay home. Understand what social distancing means and stay the bloody hell home. Stay safe. Don’t add to their burden with your idiocy. Don’t hoard their masks and other essential supplies that are the difference between them winning this battle or losing. If they lose, we all lose.

This crisis will pass. This time will pass. Our new normal will emerge and people will remember. They will remember who you were at the time the world needed you the most. You will remember too…

How do you want to be remembered? What will be your legacy? Who will you be? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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