Murder she wrote (In a love story)

I’m contemplating murder. More specifically how to plan and execute one successfully……..Complicated process that.

Before my family decides to steer clear of me and even shift residence I should probably explain that I’m writing a thriller at the moment. A romantic thriller but a thriller nonetheless. This for those of you who have read my books is a bit of a departure from what I’ve done so far and is the source of my current musing mood. Musey mood? Musish mood? Well, whichever works…the essence of it is I’m spending quite a bit of time musing about murder.

Walking the tightrope between writing a realistic murder/conspiracy theory and making it new enough to keep the reader guessing until the end is but a drop in the ocean compared to writing a uniquely different twisty conspiracy theory that also has a strong love story weaving through it. Two strong protagonists with very definitive ideas of their personalities and their reactions to crisis situations (of which there are several), a plot that requires very careful attention to detail and the need to juggle both to ensure that neither romance nor plot is shortchanged at any point. Is it any wonder that I’m spending less time on social media and more with my manuscript?

First, there was the brainstorming session (involving only one brain, mine), then came the plotting (the brain boggled at this one), the research part (because honestly what does my brain know about murder or crime) and finally the writing (the blissful part). I’m so very grateful I’m finally at the writing part. By the time I was done with all the other steps and got down to penning their story, Karan and Aria just leapt off the pages and charged forward. They’re both a delight and a challenge. A delightful challenge. Okay, that last bit was corny. Please ignore it. Pretty please?

Navigating the challenges of stepping out of my comfort zone and finding my feet in a whole new spectrum of writing has been one of the best things I’ve decided to do and probably also the most fun. I think it might even be the best but I’ll let you guys read the excerpt from the current manuscript below and tell me if you agree.


He was fast asleep. Turned on his side, he had a pillow clutched to his chest like a lifeline in a strangely boyish gesture. Long legs sprawled in casual abandon, one arm dangling off the side of the bed, he snored like a runaway freight train. Face free of the rigid control that governed it when he was awake, he looked an easy five years younger. She should leave. There was absolutely no way she could justify standing in a patient’s room and watching him sleep. Yet, she lingered. Another second or two wasn’t going to harm anyone. It wasn’t like he knew she was in the room. This strange fascination she had for him was dangerous in more ways than one.

The silence in the room was broken only by the hiss of the air conditioner and the snoring that continued unabated. It was quite impressive actually. She didn’t know anyone else who could snore that loudly and at quite that pitch. She shook her head in bemusement as she realized she was actually standing in a patient’s room at eleven at night and admiring his snoring. This was ridiculous. She was going home and having that damn glass of wine. Now.

In her haste to leave before she could change her mind, she spun and collided with the metal cabinet at his bedside. His medicine tray crashed to the ground with enough noise to wake the dead and the room exploded into action. Slammed against the wall face first, she was pinned firmly in place with a hard, muscled body. Her breath whooshed out of her leaving her gasping and clawing at the arm wrapped around her throat. . Somehow the ferocity of the attack wasn’t as terrifying as the stark silence that accompanied it. Dimly aware of the door slamming open and the gunman shouting, she tried desperately to say something in an effort to get through to him. Vision going patchy, she dug her nails into his wrist in a weak attempt to get him to release her. The last thing she remembered was a loud, muttered ‘Fuck’ and then the world went black.


  1. Aarti V Raman
    October 15, 2015 - 4:35 am · Reply

    Welcome to my world, that excerpt says it all! How do two people fall in love with bullets (or bombs) raining around them? How does love triumph in this messed up world we write about.

    I am so glad you’re spreading your wings and trying something new. Looking forward to more of Karan and Aria 🙂

    PS: Give your poor brain some credit. It does a LOT of work for you. Xx

  2. Nikita (Njkinny)
    October 16, 2015 - 4:37 pm · Reply

    Ooh..Now I am all intrigued and eager to jump at a chance to read your book. I absolutely adore mysteries and combine them with romance and I am already gaga over it…All the best, Shilpa and do write fast and get me the book. Pretty please…:)

  3. Falguni Kothari
    October 16, 2015 - 11:02 pm · Reply

    Same pinch. Seems murder is on everyone’s mind 🙂 Loved the excerpt. And, fuck, are you going to make me wait for more?

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